Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered

There are many who follow Hecate as the crone aspect of the triple Goddess figure.  There are some that follow her as the cosmic world soul.  Others who follower her as Queen of the Witches.  While each group  has a different view of the Goddess, I really don't believe that any one can tell another that their path is wrong.

Hecate has been used in curses as well as for blessings or calls for justice.  While I may not agree that she is the crone goddess or the ugly hag as called by Aleister Crowley, I still must respect each individual for their own views of her.

Aleister Crowley - Moonchild - “a thing altogether of hell, barren, hideous and malicious, the queen of death and evil witchcraft.

While Crowley seemed to call her evil, he wrote an invocation to her which is being read aloud in the video below.

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