L is for Light-bringer

One of the more well-known titles for Hecate is Hekate Phosphoros, meaning Hekate, the Light-bringer.  In much of the art Hecate is often shown carrying torches.  These torches are said to light the way to secret knowledge.  It is said that she also used those torches along with keys to the underworld to lead Persephone out of the underworld.

So what does that mean to me?  To me, the meaning of the word light-bringer relates to knowledge.  I believe that she brings knowledge to others.  Her “lights” shine the way to understanding things that one may not currently understand.  This is one of the ways I have found that Hecate came into my life in little bits and pieces. 

I am a Knowledge Management Analyst by profession.  My day is spent helping others locate documents and share information with their teams.  I actually unlock knowledge and share it with those that need it.  This struck me in a very profound way.  I’m extremely happy doing this job.  I love it.  I can completely relate to how it must feel to be able to give the gift of knowledge to others.  Teachers and trainers alike must be able to feel this too.
Two of the aspects of Hecate, the Light-Bringer and the Key Bearer both appeal to me. A third aspect completely blew me away.  Hecate is also known to be a protector of women and called upon when justice is needed.  Early in my life I studied law in hopes that I could work to get justice for abused women. 

Some of the correspondences for the Goddess were showing themselves in my life as I continued to look back.  I played an online game where I took the title of “Belladonna”.  Belladonna is an herb attributed to her.  I’ve always been attracted to dogs, bats and owls.  Each are known to be associated with Hecate. 

Going back to my adolescent years, I loved to sit in front of a roaring fire and gaze into the flames.  I used to think I could see things in the fire.  I loved the way it danced and swayed.  Fireplaces, candles and even grills intrigued me.  One of my best memories is sitting outside and watching as a fire pile (how we get rid of our garden waste here in the south) burned.  I attribute this to Hecate.
I believe that knowledge is power, and to be able to not only possess that power, but to share it with others is a truly magical thing.  Within each of us, is that Light-bringer.  We have the ability to share our knowledge, be it related to mundane or to the magical.  I believe it’s our duty to be Light-bringers for all.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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