Chaldean Oracles - 50 & 53

The Chaldean Oracles are a group of fragmented texts from the 2nd Century AD and are attributed to Babylonia (Chaldea).  The text refers to Hecate as the female power or Mother of all with two Fathers.  Setting Hecate as the Cosmic World Soul. 

I thought it might be a great project to look at the translated snippets of the references to Hecate in the Oracles to see how they relate to one another, to Hecate in general and our thoughts on Hecate today.

For this I decided to use the translation by Charles Stein.  Mr. Stein is an author and poet and has completed several translation as well as studies on Eleusinian subjects.  His original translation of the Chaldean Oracles can be found at the link below.

Understand that not everyone follows this particular belief in Hecate’s origins.  Some follow the more modern view of Hecate as the Crone aspect of the triple goddess construct.  I invite those with that perspective to follow this line of thought for a moment just to see where it leads. 

Hekate in the Chaldean Oracles – Translated by Charles Stein

the center of Hekate.                                                                       [50]

Says Hekate:

After the paternal thoughts—
I, the Psyche, dwell
ensouling all things

with my heat.                                                                                     [53]

50 is too limited to make a judgment on.

53 however is quite clear.  This verse has Hecate speaking saying,  I, the Psyche, dwell ensouling all things.  Again pointing to Hecate as the source of the Cosmic World Soul.  

Since we see this document as a poetry, do we take these literally or look at them in the same mind frame as one would looking at other religious texts understanding that generally all religious texts are mythological accounts of deities and were created to teach humanity to be more human to eachother.

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