Hecate Soteira - Jade Sol Luna

Working with this aspect of Hecate, I feel her most as the provider.  She comes through as a mother, a learned elder that provides not the answer, but lights the way for me to discover my own answers.

Shared with permission of the author here is Hecate Trivia by Jade Sol Luna.

Hecate Soteira is most likely the highest form of Hecate, and union with her is the goal of the Hecate disciple.  She is most often formless but will occasionally take on a form with gold skin and gold hair made of serpents.  She is dressed in gold and yer eyes are often red intoxicated with knowledge, power and bliss.  She sits in Sol Caelum.

~Hecate Death, Transtion and Spirital Mastery page 122 - Jade Sol Luna

Invocation/Prayer to Hekate Soteira
Formless distant One,
Clothed in Fire,
Who portions out and ensouls,
Beyond the boundaries
Of Chaos and Order.
You permeate and manifest,
The creative and destructive.
Siren of the deep,
Mistress of the crossroads,
Guide of souls.
Star browed maiden
Red handed you sanguine languish
Waiting at the crossroads with wolf head and lolling tongue
Teeth sharp to lance the wound
Jaws open wide you, ferocious as the alchemical wolf consume,
Transmute the poisons of the profane,
Making all decorous, a holy domain.
Winds blowing, dogs howling,
Torches burning, feel the glow,
Power is rising, theres magic afoot,
Hekate is here, Her time is near!
Honour Her, adore Her, obey Her every sign
For now is Her time
And now is the way,
So come all and let us sway,
Sway with the flames and dance to Her tune,
Let us gather under the moon.
Hail mistress of the celestial Abyss,
You stand at the centre of All,
Whirling creatrix, you draw us beyond the veil,
Into the darkness
Your radiance breaks bonds
Forging the soul anew,
Unveiling Your mysteries,
Guiding us forth.
We emerge Lightbearers!
Dancing within your sacred fires.
Shining Hekate,
Allow your light to guide us,
So that we may move to our most beneficial ends.
Come Soteira, so we are protected and not led astray from our true will.
Lady save us,
Save our children from violence and harm,
Save our communities from hatred and bigotry,
Save our planet from war and destruction.
Lead us with your torches to a land of peace and joy.
[Collaborative work created by Sara Bubastis, Candace LaRue, Doriel Townend, Anna Marie and Maureen Falcon for the CoH, April 2014]

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