Hecate Trivia - Jade Sol Luna

Hecate Trivia has called to me several times.  My sanctuary - Sanctuary Hecate Trivia is named for the Goddess of Three Roads as it literally sits at an 3 way intersection.  When I saw this I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be.

Shared with permission of the author here is Hecate Trivia by Jade Sol Luna.

She is wild in personality and is accompanied by two black phantoms.  An owl sits on her shoulder and she is often found in the forest at night and is sometimes accompanied by Hermes.  She is a terrific laugh and sometimes wears a veil.  Her invocation is: Zabarbathouch.  Her chant is Ego Hecate Trivia Laudo. (for Wednesday)

~Hecate Death, Transtion and Spirital Mastery page 113 - Jade Sol Luna

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