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Any Mundane Practices That are Associated with This Deity?

I found the particular topic to be a bit of a challenge to write for. We can look at the word mundane as being one, nonmagical, or two, drab or boring.

From a nonmagical perspective, I think that everything working with Hecate would be magical/spiritual. Most of your work is for the betterment of your relationship with the Goddess. That makes everything from collecting the wood for a bonfire to sitting for tattoos in her honor as being non-mundane.

Recently I started the process of putting in dreadlocks. As I sit and feel the backcombing, those who do not know, IT HURTS, each pull and tug, I try to focus on my dedication to the Goddess. I try to breathe deeply and focus on why I'm working on this particular look. The same way I may sit for a tattoo.

As far as drab or boring. When in a mindset to do anything for a deity, I think that if you're looking at it and it feels boring, you may need to do some work on that relationship. Nothing done for spirituality should be boring.

I often use this video to help me chant and focus on the Goddess.

Previously published on Blogger - 4/18/14 8:00 AM

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