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Bringing Hecate into Your Daily Life

I have a threshold altar with incense and candles as part of my daily devotion. I take a moment to center myself and then go about my day. An altar can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Here are a few of the candles that I have used on my altar. You can find these at Sosanna's Closet.

Photo Credit - Sosanna's Closet

Photo Credit - Sosanna's Closet

Photo Credit - Sosanna's Closet

If you prefer a smaller candle, there is also a 3X3 candle available. This candle holds up nicely and has an excellent image inlay of the traditional triformis.

Photo Credit - Sosanna's Closet

No matter what items you choose to adorn your altar, remember that they should be representative of what reminds you of the Goddess.

Originally published on Blogger - 8/1/15 10:23 AM

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