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Full Moon Prayer to Hecate

By the light of the shinning moon,

Open my dreams and allow them to bloom.

Fishes and leek to appease the soul

While wine and honey fill the bowl.

Garlic bulbs around my feet,

All laid on the ground where the three roads meet.

Open the gate, and show the way,

Raise our voices

Hecate, Hecate, Hecate.

Offerings delivered, her presence revealed.

Walk the path of the magical seal.

Return the lost to me and protect what is mine.

Allow this moon to serve as a sign.

Welcome the blessings and honor her way.

Chanting under the moon

Hecate, Hecate, Hecate.

By Renee Sosanna Olson- 2016©

Originally published on Blogger - 2/22/16 8:08 AM

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