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Goddess of Rebirth - My Rebirth

This weekend has been a tremendous boost to my spirit. I feel as though I am emerging from a darkness, guided by the light of the great goddess. My spirits rise up, lighter than air. My heart, is full, of the love and power surrounding me.

I embrace the call of the great goddess and rejoin the voices who sing her praises.

Hail Hecate.

Hymn of Rebirth

Great Hecate,

With your keys, unlock my mind.

Great Hecate,

With your rope, leverage my soul.

Great Hecate,

With your whip, banish my fears.

Great Hecate,

With your wisdom, guide my thoughts.

Great Hecate,

With your torches, light my way.

With your blessing, I shall walk the path of many named mother of the gods.

May my actions and deeds always be undertaken with courage, compassion, temperance, justice and wisdom.

So mote it be.

Renee Sosanna Olson

(Hymn of Rebirth - original work by Renee Sosanna Olson - all rights reserved)

Originally published on Blogger - 5/23/21 5:34 AM

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