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How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?

Over the years, my relationship with the Goddess has changed a great deal. I started out as a solitary with no named deity, and then after winning a book from a blog giveaway, Hecate made herself known to me. I started my research and was unsatisfied with the Hecate's place in the Maiden Mother Crone (Triple Goddess) construct.

A friend pointed me towards the Covenant of Hekate. I went and read several posts and articles by Sorita d'Este and became interested in joining the Covenant. After my application was accepted, I completed the Rite of the Red Cord and became a Devotee member of the Covenant.

The following two years were a struggle. I had situations with my immediate family as well as losing my grandmother at the age of 98. I feel as though my work with Hecate helped guide me through these times. Helping me understand that death is but a passage to the next plane, and we all will call upon her to use her torches to guide us to our next world.

A year or so later, I decided to commit to becoming a Torchbearer for the Covenant. I have completed each of the goals I placed for myself to make this happen. I have completed my Ordination, maintained a community service project for feral/wild cats, and started the process of creating a Sanctuary for the Goddess. My five-year plan is to have a building and an area to hold public rituals in her honor.

Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo - Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Originally published on Blogger - 7/4/14 8:00 AM

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