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July Check In

My journey with food addiction and body image has been long and complex, deeply influenced by my life experiences, including growing up in poverty and dealing with abuse. These challenges shaped my relationship with food and my body, leading to cycles of overeating, drastic weight changes, and ongoing struggles with self-esteem.

From a young age, food became my primary coping mechanism. Living in poverty and enduring abuse created a constant sense of instability and anxiety. Food was one of the few things I could control, and it became a source of comfort amidst the chaos. This early dependency on food laid the groundwork for my lifelong battle with overeating and body image issues. I was exposed to an abusive household where I was told I was fat and ugly on a daily basis. I was convinced that I was a horrible person with no worth.

As I grew older, societal pressures to conform to certain body standards exacerbated my struggles. The pervasive message that thinness equates to beauty and worth negatively impacted my self-esteem. In my attempts to fit these ideals, I engaged in numerous diets and extreme weight-loss measures, each time falling back into patterns of overeating during periods of emotional stress.

In a bid to regain control over my weight, I underwent bariatric surgery when I reached 305 pounds. Initially, the surgery seemed like a solution, but the rapid weight loss that followed brought its own set of challenges. At one point, the drastic reduction in weight nearly killed me, highlighting the severe physical toll of such a rapid change. Despite this significant weight loss, I eventually regained weight, climbing back up to 285 pounds. This fluctuation was a stark reminder of the persistent nature of my food addiction and the underlying emotional issues that drove it.

A crucial aspect of my healing journey involved addressing my inner child. By acknowledging and nurturing the hurt child within me, I began to heal the deep-seated emotional wounds from my past. This process was integral in transforming my relationship with food and self-image. I shared this journey in my blog posts, emphasizing the importance of loving and caring for one's inner child as part of holistic healing​ 

A major turning point in my journey came when I began exploring holistic health and spirituality. My work as a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Sound Healer, and Crystal Master helped me develop a more balanced and compassionate approach to my health. By addressing the root causes of my food addiction through practices like sound healing, crystal therapy, and aromatherapy, I started to heal not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

After discovering the benefits of holistic living, I transitioned to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. This change involved removing all ultra-processed foods from my diet, focusing on consuming natural, nutrient-dense foods that support overall health. This dietary shift has played a crucial role in stabilizing my weight and improving my well-being.

To complement my dietary changes, I incorporated light exercises into my routine. These activities help me stay active and maintain a healthy weight without putting undue strain on my body. Additionally, I focus on 528 Hz healing sounds to balance my day, using these frequencies to promote relaxation and mental clarity. This holistic approach helps me manage stress and supports my ongoing journey towards better health.

Three years ago, my partner broke his ankle, and we began to eat out and use packaged food. My weight went back up to 168 pounds. In July of 2022, I saw that number and panicked. I buckled down and, in 2023, I was back down to 158 pounds. This year, I reached 139 pounds. It is hard, but I am determined to get there.

Today, I weigh 139 pounds, a significant achievement given my past struggles. However, I recognize that the journey is far from over. My goal is to reach 116 pounds, a weight that aligns with my overall health and wellness objectives. Achieving and maintaining this weight involves continuous effort and self-compassion, focusing on holistic practices that support my mind, body, and spirit.

91 pounds down from my first photo and 146 pounds from my starting weight - 23 to my goal. Hopefully next year this time I will be at my goal weight.

I have a group where I support people who are looking to change their life. I have been able to reverse my pre-diabetes, stop all medications, stop knee and hip replacement and stopped all of my symptoms of rapid cycling bipolar.

I share tips, suggestions and offer support for those who want it. Everyone is welcome to join.

My journey with food addiction and body image is ongoing, but I approach it with a renewed sense of resilience and hope. By sharing my experiences on my blog and through social media, I aim to connect with others facing similar challenges and build a supportive community. My story is one of perseverance, demonstrating that while the road to self-acceptance and health is challenging, it is also achievable with the right mindset and support.

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