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PGM – Greek Magical Papyri

[- - - This] name [is] a favor charm, a charm to dissolve a spell, a phylactery, and a victory charm: "AA EMPTOKOM BASYM, protect me."

Charm of Hecate Ereschigal against fear of punishment (in the underworld): If he (a punishment daimon) comes forth, say to him: "I am Ereschigal, the one holding her thumbs, and not even one evil can befall her."

If however he comes close to you, take hold of your right heel and recite the following: "Ereschigal, virgin, bitch, serpent, wreath, key, herald's wand, golden sandal of the Lady of Tartaros." And you will avert him. As I read this, I couldn't help but hear the Lord's Prayer in my head. I think this is where Ly de Angeles's reference to the fact that religious speak has permeated our culture is proven for me. Obviously referencing Hecate, this passage seems to imply that she will grant safe passage to those dealing with daimons (demons/spirits). What invocations do you use to work with Hecate? Do you call her for protection or as a ward?

Originally published on Blogger - 1/20/15 9:00 AM

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