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River Witch Oracle: A Journey Through the Mystical South

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the River Witch Oracle, a unique oracle deck deeply infused with the essence and spirit of the Southern United States. This deck is not just a collection of symbols; it's a gateway to understanding the deep roots and complex histories that have shaped this region. Each card in the deck is a window into the soul of the South, offering both a celebration of its natural beauty and a respectful acknowledgment of its tumultuous past.

The River Witch Oracle features cards that resonate with Southern symbolism and heritage. From the majestic Magnolia to the resilient Long Leaf Pine, each card invites the user to explore the natural splendor that defines the Southern landscape. These elements are not just aesthetic; they are steeped in history and meaning, offering insights and reflection.

However, the beauty of the South is interwoven with narratives of hardship and resilience. Cards like the Tobacco Leaf and the Cotton Field reflect the agricultural backbone of the South, while also prompting discussions about the region's legacy of colonization and slavery. The Tobacco Leaf card, for instance, delves into the crop's dual significance as both a sacred plant in Indigenous cultures and a pillar of economic growth built on the backs of enslaved Africans.

The River Witch Oracle is designed to be more than just an oracle deck; it's a tool for healing and education. Through thoughtful symbolism and intentional design, it encourages users to reflect on the past, understand the complexities of history, and draw lessons that are relevant to current social and personal contexts.

Since the inception of this deck, I have been sharing daily card draws, each revealing layers of meaning and sparking conversations among our community. These daily interactions have not only deepened our collective understanding of the cards but have also highlighted the deck's ability to resonate with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Creating the River Witch Oracle has been a journey of embracing the full spectrum of the South's history, including its painful aspects. This commitment to telling a fuller story is reflected in my approach to inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that the narratives within the deck honor all those who have shaped the region.

As I officially release the River Witch Oracle, I invite you to explore this mystical tool. Whether you're seeking personal insight, historical reflection, or a deeper connection with the energies of the South, this deck offers a unique blend of beauty, challenge, and inspiration.

I hope that the River Witch Oracle will serve as a companion on your spiritual journey, enriching your life with its wisdom and enchanting your days with its magic.

Thank you for embracing this adventure with us. May the River Witch guide you through the currents of life with wisdom and grace.

Explore the deck, discover the guidebook, and order your own River Witch Oracle on our website today.


Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson

Torchbearer & Keybearer - Covenant of Hekate

Founder - Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo

aka Neuse River Witch

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