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The Sanctuary of Hecate Trivia Website Launched

It is a great day for the sanctuary today. The website is up and running. It is our first official web presence, and we hope that you love it! We added a donation link for those who might want to support our goals for the future of the sanctuary. Over the next few years, look for the following:

  1. A center fire pit that will be available for ritual use by local covens.

  2. A permanent altar space with offering dishes.

  3. An elevated walkway throughout the sanctuary ends in directional altars.

  4. Assorted benches along the walkway.

  5. A Native American-inspired medicine wheel.

Any one of these items will be a fundraising task, but we will take each as it comes. We will also need to clean up the area. There is some yard work, building skills, and haul-off that will be required. We will look to area covens who would like to support the space by offering their services to help us get the area ready for rituals.

Be sure to check out our new webpage!

Originally posted on Blogger - 6/4/15 12:36 PM

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