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When Did You First Become Aware of Hecate?

This is part one of a thirty-day post project dedicated to the Goddess Hecate. To see a list of all the posts with links please click - Thirty Days of Hecate on the menu above.

How Did You First Become Aware of This Deity?

My first exposure to the Goddess Hecate was via a book by Christian DayThe Witches Book of the Dead. I won two copies of the book in drawings and ended up actually reading it. In several spots, Christian mentions the Goddess and I was intrigued. I wanted to find out more about her and found The Covenant of Hekate. Here I learned about her relationship to the Chaldean Oracles and her role as the mother of the cosmic soul and felt that this was where I belonged. Over the years, I've learned so much about Hecate and found that really she was here all along. When my hubby and I found our house, it was sitting on a three-way crossroad. We closed on our house on November 30th, a day considered to be sacred to the goddess. Our first year here, we had several snakes pay us a visit. As I started to learn about the Goddess I found more connections. Keys have been important to me throughout my life, and in my current mundane job, I actually help people "unlock" their files. Just after I completed the Rite of the Red Cord and became a Devotee, my mother, who was at the time near death, moved in with me. I felt this was a test for me, and I did my best to take care of her. She has since moved on to live with another family member, but I do believe that I helped move her from one point of her life to another and, with my feet planted squarely in the realm of justice, did so with honor and grace. Earlier this summer, I was chatting with Hubby about Hecate and he yelled from the entryway, that a snake had made its way into the house. It came in just around the entry shrine I had created for Hecate. My awareness of her is fairly recent, but my relationship with her seems to be as old as my own sense of self. I've been a fighter for children, dogs, and justice for as long as I can recall. I've been a protector of mothers and always donated to help feed those who are less fortunate. I've been the one standing at the doorway, offering support to guide them through different choices in their lives. I believe that each of us has a lesson to learn. We may need to learn that from a Hellenic Goddess or a Jewish Carpenter. No matter our teacher, the lesson is the same. Until we learn it, we are destined to repeat the errors of our past.

To me, learning to find your teacher, and, then, after graduation, being able to share that knowledge is what life is all about.

Originally published on Blogger - 1/15/14 11:00 AM

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