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Welcome to the creative world of By Her Fires. 

Dedicated to providing the world with the the best options for personalized gifts, magical creations, and support for your mind, body, and spirit.

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Neuse River Witch

Mingling Magic and Meditation

Logo of the Neuse River Witch - Female figure standing next to a river with a crescent moon over. Her arms are outstretched behind her and birds are flying over head.

The Neuse River Witch, residing on the enchanting banks of the Neuse River, follows the path of the witch, blending elements of Buddhism and magic to express her emotions through art. Rooted in personal growth and healing, she specializes in clay and copper creations, as well as AI art and charcoal sketches. With a passion for sharing her creations, the Neuse River Witch aims to craft something special that becomes indispensable to others, filling a void and bringing a sense of wholeness. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she is the founder of the Sanctuary to Hecate Brimo and actively supports the food and house insecure of Wayne County, embodying a commitment to community and positive impact. Her realm invites all to experience the convergence of art, spirituality, and social responsibility.

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ETO Designs

Artistry That Tells a Story

ETO Designs Logo - Laser point engraver with the lettering ETO Designs below it.

ETO Designs is a laser engraving and printing shop with a creative and diverse approach to design. The owner, inspired by a love for music and crafting memories, blends eclectic styles from Old Norse to Modern Punk. The shop values kindness and a connection to the natural world, reflected in their visually striking pieces. ETO Designs aims to create exceptional items, genuinely loved by the creators, and shared with others. Their collection encompasses a variety of designs, inviting customers to explore and connect with pieces that resonate with their individual tastes. The shop emphasizes customer satisfaction and invites inquiries and specific requests, positioning itself as a creative hub where art, music, and memories come together in harmonious expression.

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Her accuracy is uncanny!

I've seen her read photos for myself and others, and it's crazy how she can look at a photo and "see" health issues, what's going on emotionally, and what might be happening to this person if their course isn't corrected. This is truly one of those cases where you have to see to believe.

She's amazing.

— Alexis K.

Rating - Excellent!

I ordered a custom set of coasters. All my questions were answered promptly. I was guided through every step of the order. They even sent pictures of the final product to ensure it was exactly what I wanted. It wasn't exactly what I wanted; it exceeded all my expectations.

— Paul B.

I had a picture reading and it was 100% accurate. She told me things from looking at the picture that I already knew I had going on- that she could not have known- and she also told me some things that I didn't know about. The reading was amazing and was completed in a timely manor. I highly recommend her readings and will definitely use her services again.

— Lynn G.

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