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About By Her Fires

Elijah & Renee Olson

Welcome to By Her Fires, the digital haven where the creative spirits of Renee, the Neuse River Witch, and Elijah of ETO Designs converge in a celebration of life, meditation, and magic along the banks of the Neuse River.


As individual creators, Renee and Elijah bring their unique talents and perspectives to this shared space. By Her Fires is where their collateral, though not physically together, finds a harmonious resonance. It's a testament to the idea that diverse passions when entwined, create something truly special.


Renee, the Neuse River Witch, draws inspiration from the mystical waters of the Neuse River, weaving the magic of witchcraft, meditation, and her connection to Hecate into her creations. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Renee is an ordained spiritual counselor and a health and wellness coach dedicated to guiding others on their paths to holistic well-being. She is also the founder of the Sanctuary to Hecate Brimo, a sacred space where seekers find solace, guidance, and spiritual connection.


Elijah, the artisan behind ETO Designs, infuses elegance and individuality into each piece, reflecting a commitment to artistry and storytelling. Together, they celebrate life in its myriad forms, incorporating meditation into the creative process. Beyond artistry, there's a shared commitment to giving back, with Renee actively supporting the food and house insecure of Wayne County, embodying the spirit of compassion and community.


As we embark on this digital journey, Renee and Elijah, with their diverse talents, look forward to making magic for many years to come. By Her Fires is more than a website; it's an evolving story of passion, creativity, and the warmth of shared endeavors. Join us by the virtual fireside as we celebrate life, art, and the endless possibilities that arise when diverse talents come together in harmonious collaboration.

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