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Live Video Conference

Online Study Programs and Email Sessions

  • Enchanted Learning Circle

    Includes access to classes on the website for 30 Days
    Valid for one month
    • Does not include Developing Your Oracle Skills Program
  • One Reading Per Month Subscription

    Every month
    One Reading Monthly
    • One Reading per Month
    • Three Questions per Reading
  • Three Readings Per Month Subscription

    Every month
    Three Readings Monthly
    • Three Readings per Month
    • Three Questions per Reading


Crystal M.

Renee provided an extremely accurate reading. She revealed that I have self doubt about my path, yet reassured me that I am trekking along as I should. She was cordial in our dealings and I feel confident in her abilities.

Lynn G.

I had a picture reading and it was 100% accurate. She told me things from looking at the picture that I already knew I had going on- that she could not have known- and she also told me some things that I didn't know about. The reading was amazing and was completed in a timely manor. I highly recommend her readings and will definitely use her services again.

Alexis K.

Her accuracy is uncanny! I've seen her read photos for both myself and others, and it's crazy how she can look at a photo, "see" health issues, what's going on emotionally, what might be happening to this person if their course isn't corrected... this is truly one of those where you have to see to believe. She's amazing.

Jack S.

Beautifully done warm hoodie that arrived on a timely manner.   Exactly what I was looking for.    Thank you very much
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