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PGM - Greek Magical Papyri - III

"PHORBA PHORBA BRIMO AZZIEBYA". Take bran of first quality and sandal-wood and vinegar of the sharpest sort and mold a cake. And write the name of so-and-so upon it, and inscribe it in such a way that you speak over it into the light the name of Hecate, and this: "Take away his sleep from such-and-such a person", and he will be sleepless and worried.

Against fear and to dissolve spells: Speak through [two] knives [sounding loudly] this formula: but [against] evil animals it does not work [compellingly], for [- - -]

Hecate is often called upon or associated with curses. In modern times, most people associate curses with dark magic or dark spell work and, in turn, lean towards a night or dark goddess for that work.

First, let me state that I do not believe magic has a light or dark, a left or a right path. Magic is energy, and energy encompasses all. We cannot know one without the other. They are one source, one energy, one magic.

In 2012 a curse was found and published in Live Science, calling upon Hecate to curse. The curse was written in Latin and depicted a snake-haired goddess on a lead tablet. With all of her attributes, it makes sense why they would choose her as a source of power for a curse.

I have worked with Hecate in warding spells and in spells to protect my property.

The papyri above references a spell to keep someone awake and worried. Have you used Hecate in curses? Would you? Why or why not?

Originally published on Blogger - 2/3/15 9:00 AM

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