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Reflection Spell with Hecate

Created to protect/reflect back harmful energy.

Reflection Incantation

Ruler of the land, heavens, and sea,

I call upon your endless wisdom.

Goddess of the three ways,

I call upon your energy and magic.

Mother of the gods,

I call upon your fury and might.

Great Hecate,

Reveal my enemy, with your light.

Reveal the danger, with your light.

Hecate Soteira! Savior!

Protect me from this foe.

Hecate Trivia, Goddess of Witchcraft

Guide my magic, let it flow.

Hecate Brimo, the Angry one!

Reflect this back and let it grow!

Great Hecate

Reflect my enemy, with your light.

Reflect the danger, with your light.

So mote it be.

by: Renee Sosanna Olson

Originally published on Blogger - 12/4/15 3:39 PM

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