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Embark on a celestial journey with our Lunar Rituals, intricately designed to align with the varied phases of the moon. From the introspective energies of the Waning Moon, conducive to releasing and letting go, to the Full Moon's heightened intuition and transformative potential, our rituals invite you to synchronize with the lunar cycles. Explore the fertile grounds of the Waxing Moon, where intentions are planted and nurtured, allowing personal growth and manifestation.

In our General Rituals, immerse yourself in a tapestry of ceremonies that transcend lunar phases. Engage in practices that enhance psychic abilities, delving into the unseen and tapping into the mystic forces that guide us. The rituals also extend a call for justice, invoking the wise and just aspects of divine energies to influence righteous decisions and actions. Each ceremony within this category unveils the potential for spiritual exploration, personal growth, and connection with the transformative energies that transcend specific lunar phases.

From the Crossroads Oracle


In ancient times, hymns played a vital role in religious and spiritual practices, serving as a medium through which devotees expressed their reverence and devotion to various deities. These poetic and melodic compositions were crafted to invoke gods and goddesses' presence, seek their favor, and communicate with the divine realms.

Hymns dedicated to deities were composed with meticulous care, often drawing inspiration from the myths, attributes, and virtues associated with the specific god or goddess. The rhythmic cadence and melodic strains of hymns were believed to hold a profound vibrational power, acting as a bridge between the earthly realm and the divine.

Ancient hymns were not merely poetic expressions; they held a ritualistic significance. Devotees would recite these hymns as part of ceremonies, rites, and festivals dedicated to the honored deity. The resonance of hymns was believed to attract the divine presence, creating a sacred atmosphere and facilitating a profound connection between worshipers and the gods.

I welcome you to have a look at the hymns I have created for Hecate in her different aspects.

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