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Hecatean Magic - Love Magic and the Iynx Wheel

Iynx wheels, ancient magical tools attributed to Aphrodite, were used in courtship, marriage rituals, and even as grave goods. These small, spinning discs, similar to button whirligig toys, were believed to have the power to attract love and bind lovers. Iynx wheels were used to attract a love object. They were suspended and spun as early as the Archaic period. According to Greek mythology, the nymph Iynx created the Iynx wheel with a wryneck bird attached to ensnare the love of Zeus or Io. As punishment for her actions, Hera transformed Iynx into a wryneck bird and bound her to the magical wheel.

To call upon Hecate to use the Iynx wheel, you can follow these steps: Cast a Circle of Protection Place the Wheel in the Center Light Candles in the Cardinal Directions Place Offerings to Hecate on the Altar and Chant the following...

Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, I call upon your power and your grace. Bless this Iynx wheel, And grant me your presence.

Spin the Wheel and Visualize Hecate Once you feel her presence, ask her for your favor. Once complete, thank her for her guidance. Close the Circle

To Use the Iynx for love, use the following: Collect the wheel, a red candle, rose petals, and offerings. Complete the Following:

Cast a Circle Light the Candle and place the Iynx in front of it. Sprinkle rose petals around it and chant the following spell:

Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, I invoke your power and your grace. Bless this Iynx wheel, And grant me the love I seek.

Spin the wheel. Visualize your love. Repeat your request to the goddess. Place your wheel in a safe place. When the candle burns down, the spell is complete.

Closing: Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, I thank you for your wisdom and your guidance. I release the wheel of Iynx, And I return to the world of the physical, With a heart full of love and gratitude. May your blessings be upon me, And may I always walk in your light. So Mote It Be

Read more about the Iynx Wheel here.

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