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🌟🪄 Elevate Your Sacred Space with These Altar Tile Designs 🕯️✨

Enhance the energy of your altar or spiritual sanctuary with our captivating Altar Tile Designs. Choose between two symbolic and potent options:

🪶 Triquetra Design - 🌿🌀

The Triquetra, a timeless symbol of unity and connection, graces this altar tile. It represents the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, making it a perfect addition to your sacred space. The Triquetra design invites harmony and balance to your rituals.

🌟 Pentacle Design - 🌞🌙

Embrace the power of the Pentacle, a symbol of protection and the five elements. This design invokes the energies of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The Pentacle design adds a layer of mystical defense to your altar, safeguarding your spiritual practices.

🪄 A Touch of Magic - 🌌🪙

These Altar Tile Designs aren't just decorations; they're gateways to the mystical. Select your preferred design to infuse your sacred space with deeper meaning and intention, fostering a spiritual ambiance that resonates with your path.

🌌 Choose Your Symbol - 🪙💫

Each design carries its unique magic. Whether you connect with the Triquetra's unity or the Pentacle's protection, your choice reflects your spiritual journey and enhances your sacred rituals.

🕯️ Elevate Your Altar: Elevate your sacred space with the timeless energy of the Triquetra or the protective power of the Pentacle. 🌷🌟🌊

Aluminum Altar Plates

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