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🌟 Elevate Your Spiritual Practice: Embrace the Handmade Copper Eye of Protection, lovingly encircled with faceted crystals in Chakra colors. This enchanting piece is thoughtfully handcrafted to empower your spiritual journey.

🌈 Chakra Harmony: The mesmerizing Chakra colors on this copper Eye of Protection create a harmonious connection to your energy centers. Each crystal corresponds to one of the seven main Chakras, enhancing balance and vitality.

🔮 Symbol of Protection: The Eye of Protection is a potent symbol used across spiritual traditions to shield against negativity and support spiritual growth. This handcrafted copper version beautifully combines aesthetics with profound significance.

🪶 Artisan Craftsmanship: Carefully handcrafted, this copper Eye of Protection carries the artisan's skill and devotion, ensuring that it's a unique and meaningful addition to your spiritual toolkit.

🌠 Unleash Your Potential: Embrace the Handmade Copper Eye of Protection with faceted Chakra crystals part of your spiritual practice. Elevate your journey with protection, Chakra alignment, and vibrant energy. 🪄🌌🌈

⚖️ Please note that this handcrafted piece is intended for spiritual and magical purposes, emphasizing protection and Chakra alignment. It should not replace medical advice. ⚖️

Chakra Eye of Protection

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