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🔮🌟 Double Terminating Crystal Points 🪶✨


Explore the enchanting world of Double Terminating Crystal Points, versatile gems that bring both beauty and mystique to your spiritual journey.


These exquisite crystals are designed for a multitude of magical applications:


🔮 Pendulum Potential - 🌠✨

Unlock the power of divination with these crystal points, perfect for use as pendulums. Delve into the mysteries of the universe as you seek answers to your burning questions.


🌅 Altar Adornment - 🌄🕯️

Elevate your sacred space with the presence of these crystal points. Their elegance and energy make them ideal for altar decoration, creating an ambiance of spirituality and magic.


📿 Wearable Wisdom - 🌟🧘

Harness the crystal's energy as you wear it, carrying its vibrations with you throughout the day. Transform your jewelry into a source of personal power and connection to the divine, whether you choose to wear it on a Tibetan Silver chain or a soft silicon necklace.


🌌 Tibetan Silver Chain or Silicon Cord - 🏺🌿

These crystal points come with a Tibetan Silver chain, a blend of various metals that adds a unique touch to your spiritual adornments. Rest assured, it is nickel-free, making it safe and suitable for a variety of wearers. Also available in a silicon cord.


🪄 Versatile and Vibrant - 🌌🌿

Double Terminating Crystal Points are your gateway to an array of mystical experiences. Whether you seek insight, wish to enhance your altar, or desire a wearable talisman, these crystals hold the potential for spiritual growth and connection.


🪶 Unlock the Magic: With their multifaceted uses and the option of a soft silicon necklace, they are a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit. 🌅🔮🌿


🩺 Medical Disclaimer: Please note that while herbs, gemstones and minerals have been used for centuries for their potential healing properties, they should never replace professional medical advice or treatment. If you have a medical concern, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Double Terminating Crystal Necklace

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