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🌟 Invoke the Triple Goddess: Cotton Altar Cloth 🌟

Enhance your sacred space with our enchanting cotton altar cloth, an exquisite addition to your seasonal or working altar. Available in two versatile sizes, 18x18 and 24x24, this cloth is perfect for your unique altar needs.

🌙 Triple Goddess Tribute: The Triple Goddess, a revered deity archetype in various Neopagan traditions, graces this altar cloth. In Neopagan beliefs, the Triple Goddess embodies the harmonious unity of three distinct aspects or figures within one divine being.

🪶 Size Options: Choose the perfect size for your altar, whether it's the 18x18 for a compact and cozy feel, or the spacious 24x24 for a more elaborate setup. This altar cloth is designed to complement your sacred space, providing a beautiful backdrop for your rituals, offerings, and magical work.

⭐ Sacred Adornment: Acquire this divine altar cloth to honor the Triple Goddess and infuse your sacred practices with her mystical energy. It's an exquisite piece of symbolism and an essential addition to your spiritual toolkit. 🕯️🪔🌌

Triple Goddess Altar Cloth

SKU: 00025

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