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⭐ Elevate Your Altar Space: Embrace the enchanting energy of the Rectangle Pentacle Altar Runner Cloth, a perfect addition to your seasonal or working altar. This altar runner comes in one size, 21x72, offering an exquisite addition to your sacred space.

🪶 Sacred Pentacle: The pentacle, a potent talisman employed in magical evocation, graces this altar runner cloth. Crafted from high-quality materials, this cloth showcases a significant magical design with deep spiritual and mystical roots.

🔐 Symbol of Protection: The pentacle serves not only as a symbol of magical power but also as a protective emblem. It often incorporates additional protective symbols, such as the six-point form of the Seal of Solomon, to enhance its spiritual significance.

✨ Great Size: This altar runner, measuring 21x72, provides a versatile and elegant addition to your altar space, whether you're focusing on seasonal rituals or more extensive workings.

⚡ Energize Your Altar: Acquire this Rectangle Pentacle Altar Runner Cloth to infuse your altar with protection and a touch of mysticism. It's a remarkable addition to your spiritual tools, elevating your rituals and ceremonies with its sacred energy. 🕯️🌌🔮

Triple Pentacle Altar Cloth

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